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At Vivashe, we understand that change is not always easy,  with support, a focus on shifting beliefs and a focus on habit change you can create a new identity for sustainable change. Schedule one of our services under life coaching, health coaching or wellness coaching

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Reliable and experienced Coaching Professionals, who specialize in working with individuals and groups who are ready to discover their personal power and make positive life changes. We believe each of you deserves to live more awake, happy and joyful lives. 


We are ready to help you develop your strategy for not only surviving, but thriving! 



This session assists the client and  coach in determining a good fit for both. We go through a readiness assessment, the results  determine next steps for the coaching relationship. 

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Discovery Session-Preparing

Life Coaching, Health Coaching and Wellness Coaching Once we have completed the consultation (readiness assessment) and determined a good fit we move into the discovery session. This is a 3 hour commitment that can be scheduled in two 1  1/2 hour sessions. This is a time of discovery for the coach and client, understand the coaching process, what coaching is and isn't, review the coaching agreement and begin to outline goals. 


Coaching is a partnership relationship built on trust. We believe each individual has the capacity to uncover and live in their purpose. We meet each client where they are at which determines what shows up for them while coaching. We work from this point forward to raise their awareness toward living what they define for themselves as a purposeful life!


Learning to understand choice, discover patterns and how managing stress plays a significant role in our ability to find success for creating lasting transformation. These are individual one-on-one session(s) - recommended commitment of 90 days one session every other week. We meet the client where they are at and build momentum by using our coaching toolkit.


 We meet clients where they are at and build momentum by using our coaching toolkit centered around well being. The goals established in our discovery session will be used to guide conversation and discovery. We will discuss and review the five essential elements of well-being, which are community, physical, financial, social and career.


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